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Maya's Day

Meya's Day is a California corporation

Trade and import/export of perfume, coffee, cosmetics, etc.


Unisex Perfume

Male and female






Unisex Cosmetics

Male and female


Paran Ribbon

Paran Ribon is a California corporation.

Trade and import/export of IT devices, smart devices, toys, health supplements, etc.

IT device

smart home device 



dietary supplement


Ivision is a Korean film company.

Film production and overseas film distribution agency

August 2004  <Fighter of the Wind>, starring Dong-geun Yang, produced and released, mobilized 2.5 million people

In November 2006, <Sunflower> starring Kim Rae-won was released and 1.6 million people were mobilized.

January 2008  1.8 million people mobilized for production and release of <Unprotected City> starring Kim Myung-min/Son Ye-jin

April 2009  <Insadong Scandal> starring Kim Rae-won and Uhm Jung-hwa mobilized 1.5 million people for production and release

January 2011  <Wonderful Radio> starring Lee Min-jung was released and mobilized 1.23 million people.

August 13, 2015 Starring Uhm Jung-hwa and Song Seung-heon  <Miss Wife> mobilized 1 million people to release

In addition to the current <Sunflower 2>, Jang Hyun-do's novels <War of the Right>, <The Devil>,  <Detective Blind>, <3 Years Later>, <Picnic>  etc  in preparation for production

Beautiful Landscape

Bacchus Lab is a Korean health supplement company.

Currently, Won-Wan products are very popular with alcoholic beverage enthusiasts.

열대 잎
Tropical Leaves

“People are the answer”

The man answered
Humans and thinking and use of language, writing tools created because the animals that live in a society made "a person who answers (The man answered)" The company is keeping

the honest and the motto of approach
between the people of God.



Collagen Cheese

Good quality collagen! nutritionally
proven cheese! In this

In this era, people are interested in dieting and taking care of themselves!
For those who don't have enough time to take collagen cheese that you can easily

eat anytime, anywhere, With a oneday concept,

you can feel full with the deep taste  and taste of cheese!

It supplies delicious and fresh cheese and collagen to ensure quality and taste through stable production management of Dongwon!

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